Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Joy of Welcoming a Newborn to the Family

What a roller coaster is has been the last 2 weeks. On august the 10th my wife and I started to watch Akeelah and the bee and the next thing we know was, packing our backpack and driving to Trader Joe for some snack on the way to the hospital. Her water broke in the middle of the movie.
On August 11, we welcome a baby bow to the world.. What a joy it was!! The next day, that joy was transform into plain fear and high level anxiety. A cardiologist and a nurse came to talk to us:
..he was turning blue during routine examination
..there is a problem with his heart
.. a transport ambulance is on the way
.. have to keep one of the blood flow whole(that was closing naturally)
in the arteries open to allow blood to the lungs to be oxygenated
On friday the 13th my little boy had a vavular balloon plasty to fix the narrow valve in his pulmonary artery, which lasted a little more than 4 hours. This would not be a roller coaster if it just stopped there. The little one developed a blood clot on his left leg because of the procedure. Thank God for all the supports and love my wife and I got during this whole ordeal and continue to be blessed with every day. Little Jazz is now home (after spending 8 days in the NICU) and we are giving him a shot in his legs every 12 hrs for a week and hopefully the clot will go away after a week therapy.

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